What You Need to Know about Tow Services

What would you do if you were driving your vehicle and ended up stranded along a busy highway? Your best option would be a towing service.

This type of service is not only trustworthy; you can also expect it to provide professional assistance in different situations. Here are some things you have to know to understand this service better.

What Does a Tow Truck Do?

A tow truck vehicle is a type of vehicle used for transporting vehicles that are not capable of moving on their own. A tow truck hooks onto the vehicle’s front or back and pulls it to a safer location. Tow trucks often come with sufficient supplies stranded vehicle drivers need such as lockout tools and jumper cables. Make sure to ask the tow service you take for any roadside assistance service they offer along with their corresponding rates.

Reasons to Tow

There are various reasons to call for a tow service. These include an overheated engine, empty gas tank, flat tire, stuck car whether in smuck, a ditch, or a ravine, transmission failure, and for jump-starting the car battery. You may also need a tow service when your keys are locked inside the vehicle.


Vehicles That Can be Towed

Yes, you can get a tow service for any vehicle that needs it. Tow services cater to all passenger vehicles including motorcycles, vehicle trailers, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). You can also find tow companies that offer heavy-duty tow services. Just remember that regardless of the vehicle you drive, if you want it towed, it can be done.

The Different Types of Tow Trucks

Using the right tow truck ensures that any vehicle can be towed safely without resulting in any damage to the towed vehicle. The most common types of tow trucks often available include: wheel lift, hydraulic flatbed, integrated tow truck, and hook and chain. The right type of tow truck will be able to provide excellent service to any vehicle in every kind of situation, weather, or location.

The Wrecker vs. Tow Truck Driver

Both a wrecker and a tow truck driver can both tow vehicles. Tow truck drivers are not allowed to repair any damage on the towed vehicle. The wrecker can do both, tow a vehicle and perform on-site repair and maintenance services on the towed vehicle.

Know the Cost of Tow Services

A towing service usually costs from $75 to $125. This amount often includes a $50 hookup fee. It is also inclusive of the first 5 to 10 miles the tow vehicle has to tow the vehicle. After the first 10 miles, the tow service often charges $2 to $4 for every mile of driving. The following factors affect the total cost of tow services: vehicle type, time of day the service is needed, and range of distance.