What are factory workshop manuals and how can they help home mechanics?

Factory workshop manuals, also known as factory service manuals, are a complete guide to a specific make and model of car that details every aspect of the vehicle in terms of repairs, servicing, maintenance and rebuild guidelines.

They were created originally by the actual car manufacturer themselves, which was then issued to car dealerships worldwide to assist in the correct repair of their vehicles during the warranty period.

They are by far the most detailed and accurate way to repair a vehicle, when it comes to detail they factor in literally everything to ensure all dealership mechanics need as little external help as possible when it comes to making repairs.

As most dealerships rarely have customers return the car directly to them outside of the warranty period, these manuals are often forgotten about not long after the car has been built, with the average warranty period being 3 years or 100,000km.

Originally a dealership issued workshop manual was produced in book form, but now they are mostly made and distributed as digital items, making their retention by dealerships much easier, and all can be held by the parent company for basically as long as is required.


When it comes to the home mechanic however, most of us need to rely upon third party information from publishing companies, however there is an alternative to a $100 book on your car to get repair information.

The problem comes down to finding these original resources which most dealerships have access to, but rarely think about providing them to the general public, however with the right contacts these dealerships may be able to supply one, though they tend to prefer to keep this information in house for their own mechanics use.

There are exceptions however, but searching online for manuals can often lead you down a path of dead ends unless you know where to look. While websites offering this can be difficult to find, there are websites that offer these manuals free for visitors to download, the most trustworthy of these is a site called AllCarManuals.com

The All Car Manuals website is by far the most comprehensive we have found on the internet, and covers over 30 makes of vehicle, and more than 200 models produced between these companies.

To check if a workshop manual is available for your car, visit the All Car Manuals website today