The Right Choice, Yokohama Tires

Yokohama is a Japanese tire company that has created unique tires for over a century. The company is known for creating tires for the worldwide consumer market, as well as high-performance tires developed in collaboration with racing teams and events.

The company produces a fantastic variety of tires designed for the most challenging terrains and weather patterns that are likely to cause issues for drivers. Choosing Yokohama tires for your car is a wise option that will allow you to power through the elements and arrive at your goal.

Why Yokohama?

  • Extensively Tested

Yokohama pays attention to every single detail while producing tires to ensure that all tires made in the production line are consistent and safe to use on the road.

The business follows a strict testing procedure that requires all tires produced to be placed through its powerful computer technology, which gives a complete study of each tire by running it through many simulations.

Water evacuation, tire wear, and aerodynamic testing are examples of simulations. This aids in determining the performance level of each tire and if it is suitable for sale.

  • Technological Innovations

Many highly innovative tires have been created and produced by Yokohama. Yokohama was a pioneer in several of these designs since they included unheard-of improvements at their release. Yokohama tyres has created some notable advancements, including:

  1. Advanced materials that use less petroleum in their production and are easily recyclable.
  2. The W-speed winter tire can withstand the worst winter conditions, allowing enthusiasts to travel at high speeds without fear of losing control.
  3. Yokohama was the first tire company to use Nanotechnology in its products. The developed custom chemical was able to work at various temperatures, reducing energy loss.
  4. For racing lovers, the brand tires provide high-speed turning, as well as cost-cutting qualities in its fuel-efficient tires for the clever customer. Drivers who are concerned about frequent tire repairs will be relieved to learn that its tires have a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty on average.

Customers seeking a tremendous all-season tire with a comfortable ride are also considered. With this brand’s varied selection, truck drivers seeking great off-road tires may get tough tires that deliver rapid steering reaction on loose and jagged terrain.

Yokohama Tires

Features of the Architecture

  • Handling

The Japanese firm excels in designing tires with excellent handling. Its racing heritage has influenced technological advancements and tire compound compositions that improve overall handling.

The Yokohama ADVAN series tires are ideal for the auto enthusiast market and are intended explicitly for tuner and luxury cars. These tires have a tread compound specifically designed to offer an all-season grip. In addition, the vehicle’s rounded cased form helps it retain forward motion without wasting energy between sprints and corners.

The asymmetric tread design provides quick handling, while the big shoulder blocks give traction during high-speed cornering.

  • Efficient use of fuel

Fuel prices are added to the total costs that customers must incur. Yokohama’s “AVID” fuel-efficient tire range is designed to help consumers save money on gas.

To create fuel-efficient tires, the company uses sophisticated materials and technology during the production process. The tire’s compound structure is less resistant to the effects of gravity and friction, resulting in a higher number of spins without consuming too much gasoline.

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