The Most Popular Chrysler Models Till Date

Chrysler, now named as FCA North America, is one of the most reputed brand names manufacturing automobiles since 1925. Synonymous with performance, luxury and sophistication, one thing that Chrysler has always kept at the forefront is ‘quality’.With a century old experience, you can always expect them to deliver products that have stood the test of time with their exemplary models. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Chrysler automobiles hitting the market.

Chrysler Town and Country: Being in the market since 1941, this is a barrel-back Woodie wagon that became symbolic of beach parties back then. The front part looked urban and the back part made of wood elements looked rural, thus its name Town and Country.

Dodge Coronet: Launched in 1949 as a 2-door coupe back, it has evolved through its 6 generations until its final version of Dodge Diplomat in 1980s. It featured the HEMI engine of Chrysler that set over 100 land speed records. Being one of the most popular muscle cars of America, it was designed to be sold in the Colombian market only.

Dodge Charger: Filmed in some of the popular movies, the Dodge Charger was a muscle car launched in 1968. It was equipped with Chrysler’s renowned 426 Hemi V8 engine. Having witnessed seven generations between 1960s and 1980s, this was produced for around 19 years, after which it again got a new version in 2006. Thisnew Charger was a modern form of the iconic Charger launched in the 1960s.

Chrysler 300: First launched in 1955 as C-300, it did not fare so well for the first 10 years, despite being one of the most powerful cars on American roads at that time. It was equipped with 331 CI Hemi V8 engine, and represented Chrysler in NASCAR while winning 27 races. This kind of performance on the racing tracks proved that it was powerful, but general public was still not so convinced to actually buy it.The company phased it out in 1965, but reintroduced it in 2004 as Chrysler 300. Launched as a part of luxury range of automobiles, this one has a 6.1 Hemi V8 engine that makes it one of the most power-packed cars available out there. Critics have identified the new Chrysler 300 as one of the best automobiles produced by Chrysler so far. The 300 is a very common car and as such it is easy to find Chrysler 300C service repair manuals online.

Chrysler has demonstrated a commitment to quality and excellence for almost a century and it shows in the modern automobiles they produce today. While it’s true all the vehicles haven’t risen to the top of their class over the years, the company has hit the mark of quality far more often than they have missed it. Many of the vehicles consider above their best are still on the road today, and it is relatively easy to obtain Chrysler workshop manuals to do repairs yourself.

With dedication towards top-quality and high performance, Chrysler has been successful in staying a step ahead in the automobile market with all these and many more models.