In reality, cars is kind of an expensive commodity which is included in the category for being the most desired luxury item on almost everyone’s list especially those who wish to buy new cars which is costly and impractical that’s why there are a lot of people who are giving serious considerations to buy pre-owned cars, second-hand cars, or pre-owned cars whatever people calls it because it’s relatively cheap and most of it are in good running condition.

But if you’re planning to buy a used car from used car dealerships, you should familiarize first its pros and cons of buying a used car from a used car dealership. Buying a new car shouldn’t be treated as a less option and should always consider quality even though it will require spending more extra bucks.

Before buying a used car you should obtain its Revs Check or PPSR.

Revs Check which stands for Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVs) is a search of the state-based register or the Vehicle Security Registry (VSR) which documents all motor vehicle’s data and history reports from previous owners, dealers, repair shops, insurance companies, and insurance holders to determine if it has accident reports or it has undergone extensive repair or modification.

PPRS meanwhile stands for Personal Property Securities Register which is a national online register that provides information for security purposes of consumers if they are planning to buy personal properties such as boats, cars, artworks except for land or structures and this is available in Australia and New Zealand.

In this article, we will provide you the pros and cons of buying a used car so take time to read and learn something new today.


The best part of buying a used car from a used car dealer is that it has a very cheap price tag which means that it will cost you less than half of a brand new car’s original price. This is because used cars that released a few years ago will be depreciated by its previous owners. A lot of people who are in good financial status often replace their vehicles once every three years depending on their preferred brand new models and brands that just came out in the market. These depreciated cars are mostly in good running condition with little to no issues at all. Unlike buying a brand new car where you can only select few models; you can choose from a wide variety of used cars in your nearest used car dealerships. Used car dealerships have a huge inventory of depreciated cars whether it’s Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), sports car, sedan, truck, etc. If you’re lucky enough you can buy a car that has a very low mileage on its odometers which is worth more than you thought it was.


Despite its bright promises, used cars are always tagged with issues especially its warranty. Used car dealerships only offer a limited warranty timeline to its clients considering that these cars have already served several years from its previous owners so issues that may arise is already inevitable. Not all used car dealerships have honest to goodness services; some of them sells used cars that has a lot of issues which could affect your investment to it and also can cause you harm especially if it malfunctions while you’re driving.