Have windshield and glass repairs at your convenience

If your car has encountered windshield damage, then you may be wondering whether it is necessary to repair or replace the windshield. Don’s auto glass company can repair most chipped windshields cracks typically longer than two to three inches in order to protect the structural integrity of your vehicle and the safety of the driver. They provide you with a few best solutions to help you get the most affordable price for your windshield replacement.

Timely replacement of windshield is essential to your safety. According to the Auto Glass Safety Council, windshield damage makes up to 40% of the structural integrity in a rollover accident, although the percentage varies depending on the car’s model and make. Don’s auto glass performs a series of steps to ensure the proper replacement of your vehicle windshield.

To decide if your best option is windshield repair or replacement, Don’s auto glass company considers a few factors:

Location: Cracks that have shattered to the edge of your vehicle windshield, necessarily require entire windshield replacement due to their tendency to spread. Cracks or chips that are at directly in your line of vision also require immediate replacement as its repair often does not cure clearly, leaving a slight outline in the repair area.
Size: Though there are a few exceptions if you consider the size, cracks more than three inches long and chips larger than 3/5 inch generally require the replacement of windshield.
Timespan: The longer time you leave your vehicle cracks and chips unaddressed, the more likely debris and dirt will build up making it difficult to perform a successful repair thereby requiring a replacement.

windshield replacement

It is strongly recommended that you should not let your windshield crack jeopardise the safety of your loved ones. Don’s auto glass company professional team have the skills and experience necessary to determine your windshield replacement and repair needs. If your windshield can be made perfect with repair, then they provide you with good windshield repair that is an inexpensive alternative to replacement of windshield that can stop cracks and chips from spreading.

The company advocates for repair over replacement of broken or damaged windshield because:
Environmentally Responsible: The old glass of a discarded windshield goes to a landfill, where it will stay forever.
Insurance Benefits: You can claim your repair and replacement bills from insurance companies
Convenience: Don’s auto glass company team typically performs windshield repairs within an hour.

Repairing Windshield is far more economical than replacing the entire windshield. To perfectly repair your car windshield, Don’s auto glass company specialists remove debris and dirt from the impacted area, sometimes using a drill to create a neat passageway for the repair resin. Later, a special resin is injected into the damaged area by using a tool that attaches to the glass surface. After injection, this resin is polished to a clear finish.