Hacks for Negotiating a Car Trade-in

If you are thinking about an upgrade, you should consider car trade-in. Car trade-in allows you to pay less in sales tax because the dealer will simply subtract the trade-in amount from the new car price.

Unfortunately, negotiating can be a real challenge. If you do not know a thing, the dealers will exploit it by giving you less than you deserve. When you trade a car, your ultimate goal should be to extract the best deal.  Before you head to used cars in waipahu dealerships, here are some hacks for negotiating a favorable car trade-in:

Research the value

The first thing that you need to do is to research the value of your current car. The good news is that there are numerous websites where the values of cars are available.

If you want to know the approximate value, you can take your car to three or four used car lots that sell vehicles similar to yours and determine what they will give you for the car. After you checked the resources and the lots, you will be equipped with the sale values of your car. When it is time for the dealer to ask you how much you want for the car, you can hit them with a realistic price.

Spruce up your car

You should give your car the equivalent of “curb appeal”. This is how you ensure that the buyer’s initial reaction is positive. You can start with a thorough cleaning. A thorough cleaning can come a long way because it can reflect how you treat your car.

The least that you can do is to have its car washed, waxed and vacuumed. Do not forget to clean the engine. It is crucial that you pop the hood so the dealer does not see grime and grease.

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Show the records

At the onset, you need to keep all the records so when it is time to trade you have something to back up your side. The dealer will surely ask questions and they will sometimes doubt but with the records in handy, you can clearly make a point.

Negotiate properly

When it comes to negotiating, you have to consider the new purchase and car trade-in separately. Simply put, the transaction should be treated separately. You should start dealing with the car trade-in first especially if you have a fairly sought-after car. After negotiating the car trade-in value, it is time to deal with the new purchase value.

Negotiation should be favorable to you. You can commence your negotiation by letting the dealer or salesperson know that you have done your research. This way, the dealer will know that you have an idea of the value and you cannot be swayed.

Look for promotions

You must understand that the dealer’s offer on your trade-in can be affected by many factors like the current inventory and the chances the car will sell. It is crucial that you look for dealers who are offering special promotions with trade-ins.

More importantly, you should prepare to walk away if you are not happy or not satisfied with the deal. After all, there are plenty of dealerships you can consider. Do not be pressured to get the car because you will regret it at the end of the day.