General Motors – Citing Cash Concerns is Delaying Several New Models

General Motors (GM), very affected by cash problems, indicates that it is possible that several new models in the planning process are not presented as scheduled. Automotive News and other industry officials have learned that GM will reduce production in 2009 and 2010, which will lead to a reduction in the launch of several new models.

The Chevrolet Camaro is expected to be launched on time next February, and the Cadillac will see the CTS coupe, the CTS car and the new SRX crossover in 2009. But the Chevrolet Cruze does not debut as expected in 2010, although it is expected that the Electric Chevrolet Volt arrives on time in November 2010.

GM’s financial difficulties affect the way the company manages its business, as the automaker is trying to find ways to reduce costs, while still being competitive. By not bringing efficient and timely cars to the market, the company runs the risk of being left behind and endangering the recovery.

Among the delayed cars:

Buick LaCrosse: the replacement of this model is in development, but probably will not appear until 2010, a year later than planned. A smaller and lighter second-generation LaCrosse would be a boon to the Buick brand, which currently does not offer a four-cylinder model.

Chevrolet Cruze – The car, scheduled to replace the Cobalt, will be introduced no earlier than 2011. Promising to provide exceptional fuel efficiency, the Cruze will replace the Cobalt, a model that will be renewed for a full year until the Cruze is ready to arrive.

The next-generation Big Cadillac, the DTS and the STS, are the two largest Cadillacs, GM plans to replace both models with a single car. Initially, it was assumed that the big Caddy would debut in late 2010 or early 2011, but we may not see a replacement for the model until 2012 in the near future.


In addition, GM is reducing its commercialization in the coming years, including:

Shift debuts at the auto show: several new models were supposed to be presented at this Los Angeles Auto Show in November, but GM will retain the Chevrolet Cruze and the Cadillac CTS coupe for the show in Detroit in January. By launching cars a few months later, GM will save on marketing expenses by focusing on the program closest to its headquarters.

Without Oscar support: GM paid a high price for sponsoring the last Summer Olympics, but Oscar and other annual events will not receive GM support this year. Also, expect GM to expand with other forms of marketing, including print media, online media and television advertising.

Despite the cuts, GM remains interested in buying Chrysler, but with the help of the government. The automaker is seeking federal loans to buy Chrysler and must change the remaining shares of gmc near me for this purchase. Ultimately, the federal government will receive these loans and will become a partial owner of what will once again become the world’s largest automaker.