Features to Consider When Purchasing a Luxury Car

You think it is time to switch to a luxury car. Luxury cars represent comfort, lavishness, performance, and technology. The prices will depend on the model, manufacturer, and features. The good news is that there are plenty of choices for you but the challenge is choosing the right one that will meet your needs or requirements.

Whether you consider luxury car dealerships in chicago or not, it is crucial that you conduct your research first to identify the right one. To start, you have to decide which features you need most. Here are some features to consider when purchasing a luxury car:

• Engine and fuel economy: keep in mind that luxury cars are not big on saving fuel.

However, if you want to find fuel-efficient cars, you should consider SUVs with diesel or hybrid powertrains. One highly rated and the fuel-efficient car is the Tesla Model S boasting of 87 miles per gallon. Other mid-sized fuel-efficient cars include Lexus ES 300h boasting of 36 miles per gallon and Lincoln MKZ with 34 miles per gallon.

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  • Safety features: the most advanced safety features are offered in luxury cars. With this, you need to expect an intense level of safety systems like a forward-collision warning, automatic emergency braking and many more. Other safety features include telematics systems, lane departure warning systems, and lane-keeping assist. These security measures cut at least 50% of vehicle collisions.
  • Drive wheels: you must know that mainstream cars utilise front-wheel drive. In the case of luxury cars like Audi, Lexus, Acura, and Lincoln, it also utilises front-wheel drive. Front wheel drive provides better traction compared to rear-wheel drive in slippery roads. There are some models that offer rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. Rear-wheel drive enables better steering and handling, especially on dry roads. The all-while drive, on the other hand, provides better traction during extreme weather not to mention it has better dry-pavement handling.
  • Cargo: if your job demands carrying bulky cargo, you should find a car with a fold-down rear seat and a wide opening to the trunk. If you also plan to carry many passengers, make sure that you determine the cargo room in the back.
  • Access: another feature that you must look closely is the access. Squatting, bending and ducking are not luxury experiences. For most luxury cars, they are designed to provide easy entry and exit with the help of exit mode. This mode will automatically power the driver’s seat and then retracts the steering wheel. To determine the access, you should try entering and exiting through all the doors.
  • Audio system: all luxury cars have standard audio systems that enable the drivers and passengers to play music loud with minimal distortion. The better-quality speakers enhance sound separation and clarity of the music.

• Entertainment: lately, mobile-enabled cars to deliver home theater because of its Bluetooth connectivity, Android and Apple compatibility, and navigation. The best thing about this is its voice-activated controls for navigation, phone, and audio aspects. One of the selling points for many luxury cars is stereo. Luxury vehicles usually offer seat entertainment systems that can play Blu-ray or DVD movies.

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