Easy ways to clean your catalytic converter

Most of the vehicles are installed with the catalytic converter. The role of catalytic converter is important as it helps in burning out or clearing all hydrocarbons in the gas. It is situated or installed in between the engine and the muffler. It helps to reduce emission of exhaust or impure gases. It is a rule to install this catalytic converter in your vehicle. This is a step for reducing the pollution caused by the vehicles.

Millions of cars travels on road every day and leaves smoke or gas while travelling. This gas released by the engine while running is very bad companion of pure air. It will make the air polluted thus resulting in various problems. Hence in order to reduce the pollution caused by passing vehicles, installation of catalytic converter is made a must.This will also help you to know the trouble or problem in your vehicles at the early stage.

Catalytic converter has to be kept very clean as it helps in running your vehicle smooth. If the catalytic converter is filled with impurities and dirt then it means you are exploring more harmful gases into the surrounding environment. Here are some easy tips for cleaning your catalytic converter,

tips for cleaning your catalytic converter

  • Manual wiping and tapping
  • Soaking and cleaning
  • Power spraying

Using a tap you could loosen the dirt in the surface of the converter and then remove it. Use a small tool to wipe out the remaining dirt. You could also wipe with your hand to remove the dirt completely. Finally dry it using a clean cloth. This method of cleaning is called a manual wiping and taping.

Mix some degrease solution to hot water in a bucket and soak the catalytic converter into the bucket filled with water and degreaser. Allow it to soak for a while and then clean it off using a sponge or cloth. You can also use a spraying method to clean up the clogged debris. This helps in removing the dirt very easily and quickly.

Power spraying is the best method among all the types of cleaning. This will help in cleaning a huge amount of debris, grease or dirt instantly. Also this method ensures deep cleaning than other preferred cleaning methods. In this method, first the catalytic converter is soaked in degrease solution and the using spray the dirt are blasted. This will make the converter look like new.

If you are still confused on cleaning methods then you could browse online to find easy ways to clean the converter. You could watch videos demonstrating on cleaning methods or you could prefer reading more tips for cleaning your catalytic converter online. This will help you to get idea to clean and maintain the catalytic converters.